About Royal Home Companion

Among the Best Home Companion Services in Jacksonville FL

At Royal Home Companion, we focus on celebrating and honoring the lives of those we are privileged to serve, appreciating the uniqueness of each person and the history and stories they have to share.

 We strive to be an integral part of each person’s community network, with personalized support that enhances safety while placing a high value on maintaining independence.

 Founded in 2013, owned and operated by Kate Mohajeri who has had over 30 years of experience in senior care. Licensed and in good standing with the Florida Department of Health and Agency for Health Care Administration, Royal Home Companion is proud to remain a smaller home care company to insure we never sacrifice quality of care for more clientele, guaranteeing we fulfill the standard of care everyone of our clients deserve.

 Whether the need is for a little companionship and help with household chores, or if more complex tasks are required such and bathing, Royal Home Companion has the solution families trust.

Why You Would Choose Us Over All The Others

When Kate Mohajeri founded Royal Home Companion, she did so with only one goal in mind: to provide true quality care for elderly people and others in need and create one of the best home companion services in Jacksonville FL. It is easy to claim sincerity and love but it is another thing to truly provide it.

 Kate was born in England on the Isle of Wight, and knew from a young age that this was her life long mission. Being in this industry since the age of 13, she was very concerned for how little care some senior citizens would receive in the latter stages of their lives. She has made it her life mission to do everything in her ability to change the industry standard.

 Being in this line of care for over 30 years, Kate has the knowledge and dedication to do exactly that. We at Royal Home Companion truly go the extra mile to make sure that our clients receive all the love and dignity they deserve. Our goal is not to be the biggest or fastest growing home care service in the nation, but to provide exceptional care for our clients. 

Everybody at Royal Home Companion treats its companion as if they were a close family member, and that is the only way we like it. With exceptional training and undeniable love and compassion for their clients, our staff will make every moment count.

Kate Mohajeri / Founder