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Volunteer Opportunities in Jacksonville FL - How You Can Help

volunteer opportunities in jacksonville fL

Volunteer Opportunities in Jacksonville FL

When it comes to volunteer opportunities in Jacksonville FL, none are as emotionally fulfilling as those opportunities with Royal Home Companion. As a community-oriented in-home care organization serving the sunny state of Florida, Royal Home Companion is committed to providing programs and services regardless of a client’s payment intentions – in fact, 100-percent of the donations and gifts received by our office remain in our communities to continue providing care for clients unable to pay. And this is exactly how you could play a significant part…

Our donor-supported programs and services encompass:

  • Grief support platforms for individual, family and group counseling to help anyone coping with loss – regardless of how it may have occurred.
  • Transitional and community outreach applications, which provide telephone support, community education and referrals to families and individuals who are coping with potentially life-limiting illnesses and who require additional support.
  • Camps that bring together younger members of the community who have experienced the life-changing loss of a loved one.
  • Volunteers that work closely with hospice nurses, social workers, hospice care aides, physicians and chaplains to assist in providing much needed respite and support.

How Your Generosity Helps Us Assist the People We Serve

Your gifts help Royal Home Companion provide the relentless compassion, care and comfort our clients and their families desperately need. Depending upon your personal circumstances and in accordance with federal and state regulations, you could be eligible to receive a charitable contribution deduction for each gift you graciously share with our organization.

Consider these eye-opening statistics:

  • Your gift of $160.00 can yield two partial days of care by our Companions.
  • Your gift of $160.00 would yield a days worth of Respite Care by our well trained specialists.
  • Your gift of just $80.00 can provide our patients the proper doctor’s visit that helps them with their diagnosis.
  • Your gift of $560.00 can provide seven days of premium, compassionate Royal Home Companion care for each patient.

Companion volunteers provide vital services to in-home care organizations such as Royal Home Companion – and to the people they serve. Whether it’s providing sheer companionship to one of our clients in their final months and weeks of life, offering unwavering emotional or spiritual support to family members or companions, or assisting with community outreach and fundraising, the presence of volunteers is invaluable and most welcomed by us.

By becoming a Royal Home Companion volunteer, you will be rewarded with a great satisfaction that comes with knowing you have made a major impact in other person’s life…as well as in your community.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities in Jacksonville FL and for Royal Home Companion, please give us a call.