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Companionship Services

Companionship Services

Sometimes we could all use a little help:

As we all know doing certain things don’t come as easy as they used to, and time takes its toll on
everyone’s body. Basic tasks that were once effortless are now exhausting, but that is were we come in.
offering a helpful hand for your day to day tasks, making sure you or your loved one maintains a fulfilling
and proactive lifestyle.

After years of experience caring for seniors in their homes the biggest (issue?) we’ve noticed for those in
their later years is loneliness. Over 40% of seniors regularly experience loneliness, which can increase
the risk of a variety of mental and physical complications ranging from high blood pressure to
Alzheimer’s, especially after the loss of a spouse. Making it our goal to give your loved one a vibrant and
sociable environment to avoid such things as withdraw.
Put simply, we treat our clients the way WE would want to be treated, showing the compassion and
respect they deserve as if they were part of our own family. Royal Home Companion and its caring and
loving staff will allow you or your loved one the freedom and independence to enjoy life the way it is
meant, by providing you this broad amount of services and so much more.

Companionship & Services

-Medication Reminder
-Monitoring Diet
-Changing Linens
-Light Housekeeping
-Nutritious Meal Planning and Preparation
-Assistance with Shopping and Errands
-Assistance with Clothing Selection
-Visit Friends and Family
-Maintain Calendar
-Interaction, Reading, and Playing Games
-Escort to Doctors
-Laundry and Making Beds
-Assist with Evening and Tuck-in
-Transportation Needs
-Escort to Religious Services
-Update to Family About the Client’s Health and Wellness

For more information about our services please call (904) 999-4004.