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Client and Family Care Jacksonville

Client and Family Care Jacksonville

Royal Home Companion Home Care: Proving Why There’s No Place Like Home, Especially When Surrounded by Family and Loved Ones

To those coping with a life-altering illness, the environment in which he or she spends their final days is just so vital…and the most comfortable place to be is in a familiar environment, surrounded by the people and things we love.

To that end, the concept of hospice support has evolved to encompass caring for the terminally ill in their own home with their family and loved ones at their bedside. Royal Home Companion and its staff all practice an integrated, holistic approach to providing care, regardless of where the client calls “home.”

Client and Family Services Jacksonville

No matter how hard modern medicine tries to prolong our lives, there may come a time when a client with a severe illness has to understand that a curative approach is no longer viable. When this occurs, hospice support care is a cost-effective, dignified and compassionate option – for both client and family members.

The essential elements that drive Royal Home Companion Client & Family Care are comprised of:

  • Quality of life
  • Treatment of the client – not the disease/illness
  • Caring for not only the client but his or her loving family members
  • 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week availability

Once assessments of physical pain, emotional needs, spiritual issues, legal concerns and practical arrangements have been organized, Royal Home Companion meets with the patient, family members and clients physician to determine a plan of care. This is a crucial step for families, because their being involved at this point makes the client facing the last stages of life seem much more comfortable and natural.

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