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In Home Care vs Assisted Living or Nursing Facilities: The Benefit and Quality of Life Factor

In Home Care vs Assisted Living or Nursing Facilities: The Benefit and Quality of Life Factor

In Home Care vs Assisted Living or Nursing Facilities: The Benefit and Quality of Life Factor

At Royal Home Companion, we care about our patients and their families in a way that transcends merely running a “business.” While from the outside looking in, it may seem as though we concentrate on nothing but business because of the plethora of services we offer, our philosophy couldn’t be based on a more opposite belief – to us, it’s all about helping our patients live longer, happier, depression-free lives, regardless of prognosis…and that’s what we concentrate on day in, day out.

We have found that most patients are substantially happier in life when they get to live and be taken care of by home care assistance services as opposed to going to a facility. Most elders prefer to stay home, where they know their neighbors and can associate memories with each piece of furniture and object around them; this yields happier, somewhat healthier seniors as compared to when they’re moved to an institution as they age.

Then, there’s the cost factor to consider – caring for someone can be time-consuming and exhausting for the family member or members tasked with the job and their bank accounts. Family and friends can step in to assist of course, but there inevitably comes a point when your loved one needs professional in home care.


The Benefits of In Home Health Care

In home health care addresses problems seniors face when making the decision to age in their own homes versus entering a facility. Home care options are typically less costly than a permanent facility stay that, according to sources such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, averages around $6,500 per month. At Royal Home Companion, we understand that this monthly expense is sometimes impossible to meet when a senior is facing a fixed income situation with limited assets; this is why we have put into place a system that encourages catering to the individual needs of our clients.

Thus explains one of the best benefits of in home elderly care: A senior who only requires a few hours of help per day to, for example, get dressed, take a bath or shower and prepare a meal should only have to pay for those few hours of help. This equates to thousands of dollars in savings when compared to assisted living or nursing home solutions.

Meeting a senior’s desire to age in their own comfortable surroundings also allows for decreased healing time, increased mental health status, increased feelings of dignity and a higher quality of life throughout the geriatric years. While aging at home is not always safe without home care services such as those provided by Royal Home Companion, the senior can often remain at home for a longer period of time and enjoy all the benefits when these services are put into place.

The bottom line is, there are many benefits to choosing in home care for a senior vs assisted living facility placement. These include cost savings, increased feelings of independence and dignity and better access to necessary services as compared to attempting to locate a long-term care bed…but to thoroughly discuss more of these benefits, as well as prepare a customized plan of care for your loved one’s needs, contact Royal Home Companion today.

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